iphone 11 pro screen removal steps

Steps that Professionals Take to Remove the iPhone 11 Pro Screen for Replacement

Replacement of the screen of an iPhone is surely not rocket science, but it is not anybody’s job either. The process demands some definite steps with the help of certain specific tools. Thus, one has to be adequately trained to use those tools properly and take the right steps chronologically to ensure that the screen of the iPhone is replaced flawlessly.

That is the reason if your iPhone 11 Pro screen needs to be changed, you need to take the gadget to a trained technician who is experienced enough to come up with the right steps with the right kind of tools. What better name can you opt for than Repair Xperts for iPhone screen replacement, if you are located in Sydney? We have the best and the most experienced technicians at our disposal who are well equipped for replacement of your iPhone 11 Pro screen in Sydney. However, in order to replace the cracked or damaged screen, they at first remove the screen from your gadget. Here on this post, we will discuss the steps that the techies take to remove the screen.

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement

Step 1:

As the 1st step, the professionals will power off the iPhone and then begin disassembling. They would remove the two 6.7 mm long pentalobe screws that are at the bottom edge of the phone.

Step 2:

Once done, they will find if there is any crack on the glass. If so, they will apply tapes to prevent further breakage and thwart any possibility of any physical harm during the replacement. They will lay overlapping strips of packing tape on the display, till the entire face of the glass is covered. This will prevent the glass shards from falling on the circuits below, during the process of the screen removal. Besides, it will add structural integrity to the screen.

Step 3:

Now that the taping is done with, it is time to heat up the lower edge of the phone. Heating will soften up the adhesive that secures the display with the rest of the body. This makes it easier for the professional to open up the phone.

For that, they will use a hairdryer or a heat gun, or they will get an adhesive removal tool like iOpener and apply the heat to the lower edge of your iPhone for one or two minutes for softening up the adhesive.

Step 4:

Once that is done, they will use an iSclack, a tool that comes in handy for screen replacement. In lieu of an iSclack, they would take an alternative method, using two suction cups at the bottom edge of the phone – one on the front and the other at the back. However, at times the professionals would use a single suction cup to carry out the process.

Step 5:

Once they hold the suction cups in the right position, they will apply a controlled but constant pressure for creating a slight gap between the rear case and the front panel. Once done, they will insert an opening pick right into the gap.

Step 6:

They will slide the opening pick all around the lower-left corner, and up along the left edge of your gadget, thus slicing through the adhesive that holds the display in place, and thus separate the two halves.

Step 7:

They will start pulling the display and continue to do so, till the entire display is taken off. Ideally, the display is opened by swinging it from the left side, just as the back cover of the book is opened.

Step 8:

Then the battery connector cover is removed as well, by unscrewing it from the body. Once that is done, the old display is free to be removed.

Now it is time for the iPhone repair technician in Sydney to put the new screen in and reassemble. But that’s a different story and will be conveyed in our next blog. Hold on till then. Meanwhile, if you have any query for us, call us at 02 87197880.