Microsoft Surface 3 Repairs

Microsoft Surface 3 Problems That Indicate It’s Time for Repairs

When your Microsoft Surface 3 is not working properly and you are facing a variety of issues, you might need to take it for repairs. And if you are based in Sydney, you should always take the device to a renowned technician who is adept at repairing the device. Otherwise, a DIY can damage your device permanently. 

So, when to go for Microsoft Surface 3 repairs in Sydney? Let’s take a look.

  • Charging Issues

If your device is not charging, then it might be a problem with the charging port or an internal component. Sometimes, the problem can also be with your charging cable. So, when you face this problem, first check for damages in your charging port or the cable. But if you do not find any signs of damages, then you will need to take the device for repairs. Also, when visiting the technician make sure that you are carrying your charger as those will be checked by the technician.

  • The Screen Has Become Unresponsive  

This is another telltale sign that your Microsoft Surface 3 needs repairs. But before you search for technicians on the internet with the keyword ‘Microsoft surface screen repair near me’, take a look at the screen of your device and see if you can find any cracks. If you do find one, then the screen of your device needs to be replaced. However, if you do not find any damage, you can try cleaning the screen with a cloth to see if that improves the situation as sometimes grease can prevent touchscreens from working properly.

Sometimes the problem can be also with the software. So, restart the device to see if the problem is solved otherwise there is no other option but to take it to a technician for repair. 

  • Low Backlight 

When the screen of your device has become too dim and you can barely see anything, it might be a problem with the screen. So, you will need to take the device for Microsoft Surface 3 LCD screen repairs in Sydney

However, before taking it for repairs you can check if it’s a problem with the software. Just head over to the settings and find the option that lets you increase the brightness. If you see the brightness slider is set to low, increase that. But if it is set to high or medium and you still barely see anything on the screen, it might be an issue with the hardware and there is no other way than to take the device for a repair. 

  • Sound is Missing

When faced with this issue check the ports of the microphone and speakers of the Microsoft Surface 3 to see if there are any damages. Sometimes, dust in the port can also cause problems. So, when and if you face this issue, try to clean the dust with a clean cloth. However, if that does not solve the problem, it’s time for repairs.

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