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Data Recovery Services For Smartphones, Laptops & Hard Drives in Sydney
There are numerous instances when the smart device you use to store your important data (be it the form of documents, files, PDFs, images, videos or any other) gets damaged or unresponsive.

Due to this inconvenience, you fail to get access to the information you are after.

Fortunately for you and your stored information, Repair Xperts offers you professional data recovery services throughout Sydney to retrieve your lost docs and PDFs.

Whether it’s retrieving data from the smartphone, laptops or hard drives; our experienced technicians have a pretty impressive success rate, regardless of the damage or fault of the device.
The Extraction Process:
  • Our technicians process the extraction by powering up the device’s motherboard. As the mainboard is powered, our experts get a small window of opportunity to extract the data.
  • The data is extracted by performing both hardware repairs and software manipulations simply because, in most data extraction cases, the device is completely unresponsive.
Once the lost data is retrieved, our diligent technicians will store the information in a separate hard-drive or USB with which you can copy the information back to your personal machine.
  • However, as your premier phone and laptop repair service shop; we keep strict rules and regulations to make sure the retrieved information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
The collected data will be stored on the site but is automatically programmed to get deleted within 6 days. This presents you ample time to copy your lost data and even keep a backup.
Retrieve Your Lost Data @ Repairs Xperts
If it so happens that you’ve accidentally deleted your important business document or dropped your phone in water or a concrete surface and for some reason, it is not turning on, don’t worry!

We will help you get back your lost data and even diagnose your smart device of its existing issue in quick time.
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