iPhone 12 Pro

Display Issues in iPhone 12 Pro That Can Be Caused by a Bug

Generally, the iPhone 12 Pro is made with finesse. From the top to the bottom, it is a perfectly crafted device. But that does not mean that it is devoid of bugs most of which causes minor performance issues. However, some rare bugs can trigger screen problems in a handful of devices and today, we will be discussing them in detail. But keep in mind that if it’s indeed a bug and not a component problem that is triggering the issue(s), you cannot get them fixed by a technician in Sydney or its suburbs. You will just have to wait for the next update that will possibly address these issues.

Screen Refresh Rate Fluctuations

Determining screen refresh rate with your own eyes is next to impossible. But you can detect them if a specific app, for instance, a mobile game, is not switching to a higher refresh rate or fails to come down at the frequency that you have fixed by yourself. This is clearly a bug, and will most likely be solved in the next update. But if you notice horizontal lines appearing on your screen when changing the refresh rate through an app all the time, it can be a problem with the screen. In this scenario, you will need to take it to a technician performing iPhone 12 Pro screen repairs in Chatswood or the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

Auto-Brightness Fails to Turn On Or Off

Have you turned on the auto-brightness setting in your iPhone 12 Pro but notice that the setting fails in screen brightness calibration even when the setting is on? You can rest assured that it is a bug. In fact, the opposite can occur too when the screen brightness will adjust automatically depending on the surrounding light, even when the setting is turned off. In these situations, you will need to restart your device. If that solves the problem, you are good. Else, you need to wait for the next update.

Low-Resolution Photos

Another classic glitch that you can notice in the iPhone 12 Pro is a photo appearing less than its original resolution. This is clearly a bug and will be resolved in the future update. However, if you notice garbage or unclear photos or uneven, washed-out colours, it is best to take the device to a technician offering iPhone 12 Pro screen replacements in Burwood or the Sydney suburb where you are located.

He will thoroughly check your device and if he finds any issues with the screen, he will replace the existing one with a new one.

Automatic Screen On and Off

This problem can be triggered either by a bug or by a component failure. So, when or if this happens, you will need to check the internal settings. If everything is set up correctly, you should wait for the next update. But if that fails to resolve the problem as well, you will need to take it to a technician for a screen repair.

Uneven Light Adjustments

Are you noticing too many whites or toned down brightness and colours whenever you are firing up the Camera App on your iPhone? This too is a common bug and is generally resolved in consequent OS updates. However, if the issue persists, taking it to a reputable iPhone repair store in Sydney is a good decision.

These are some of the common bugs that you might notice in an iPhone 12 Pro. But if they are not resolved with future updates, you should take the necessary steps.

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