iPhone Motherboard Repairs

The Main Reasons behind iPhone Motherboard Malfunction that Needs Repairs

There are various root causes behind iPhone malfunctions regardless of their model and version. One of the most common causes behind these malfunctions is faulty motherboard. Now the motherboard of an iPhone can go for a toss due to a number of reasons. While some of those reasons may be technical, the others are influenced by external physical factors.

Whatever the reasons or cause be, when there is any motherboard malfunction in an iPhone, the only and only way to fix it is getting the device to a quality store that offers repair of iPhones in Sydney or elsewhere, depending upon your location. Here on this page, we discuss the most common causes of motherboard malfunction in an iPhone, regardless of its model and version.

Physical Damage

Motherboards of the latest iPhones are pretty durable and do not go for a toss without any solid reason. One of the most common causes behind motherboard malfunction is physical injury inflicted by hard fall or blow to the device. Whenever you drop the iPhone or it suffers a blow, it sends a shock wave through the circuitry of the motherboard, thus causing significant damage to its components. The circuits will disintegrate, affecting the functionality of the device seriously.

Water or Other Liquid Damage  

This is another very common reason behind malfunction of the iPhone motherboard. As and when you spill water or other liquid on the phone or the phone itself drops in water, the circuitry of the motherboard comes in instant contact with the liquid. Now when the circuit section of the motherboard comes in contact with moisture, it loses its functional characteristics and it causes the motherboard to break the hairline. Thus, never delay, if your iPhone is water damaged and you see it turning dead due to the damage.  Get your device to a reputed store that carries out iPhone repairs in Sydney immediately. The techies out there will use specialised tools and follow specific ways to fix the glitch at the earliest before there is any serious structural damage or disintegration of the circuitry.

Exposure of the Motherboard to Too Much Dirt or Dust

Exposure to dirt and dust is another main cause of iPhone motherboard malfunction. If and when the motherboard comes in contact with too much dust and dirt it severely affects the functional aspects of the circuitry and blunts out its sensitivity, thus slowing it down. With time, this may aggravate and turn your gadget as dead as rock. Thus, when you are exposed to too much dusty ambience, like what you find in any construction, mining or excavation site, or if you are caught in a gale  or severe storm, it is wise to keep your iPhone covered or protected from all the dust. And if you feel that the phone is malfunctioning after the exposure, get your phone to an iPhone repair shop in Burwood or any other Sydney suburb for a repair.

Rigorous Gameplay

Motherboards of iPhone are also affected by vigorous playing of low end games, which tend to overheat the motherboard circuitry, thus causing widespread damage.

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