iPad Screen Repair Steps

Steps to Try to Repair Unresponsive iPad Screen before you Opt for Professionals

At times, you will find that the screen of your iPad has become unresponsive. Fret not! You have reputed companies like Repair Xperts at your service, who will take care of the issue you are facing and will act, solving the problem in a jiffy. But that’s our duty and we will surely do our job , with perfection and professionalism. However, at times the screen of iPads becomes unresponsive due to trivial reasons that can be straightened without the intervention of the pros. Therefore, here are the few steps that you can opt for, before opting for a professional.

Cleaning the screen 

Before you try something else, you need to clean the iPad screen. Press the lock button of the screen to ensure you do not inadvertently tap by a button you do not want to, during the cleaning, and then wipe the screen gently with a piece of soft cloth, moist with a little bit of water. Use water – no abrasive cleaning agents or chemicals. At times grease and gunk, or traces of foodstuff get nudged on the iPad screen rendering it unresponsive. This gentle mopping of the screen might bring back its responsiveness if the screen is not plagued by any other issues.

Removing the screen protector 

When your iPad gets a bit old, the screen might lose some of its sensitivity, though that does not mean you need to take your gadget to any store in Sydney for iPad Screen repairs as losing sensitivity does not mean that the screen has developed a defect. All you need to do is to take off the screen protector and then swap the screen to see if it is working. If the problem still persists, then there is something wrong with it and you need to take your gadget to the repair centre.

You can update the system software 

There are instances when the iPhone screen will not work if the system software is not updated. Hence, you need to update the system software. Back it up to iCloud or to a computer with iTunes, and then install any updated version of system software that your iPad does not have, and see if now the screen is working. It may be likely that the touch screen is intermittently unresponsive due to any bug or any other issue, specific to a certain version of iOS. Hence, updating the latest version of the system software might solve the issue.

Take Backup and Restore 

Backing up and restoring may also resolve this issue of the unresponsive screen. Yes, it may sound to be the lamest excuse for an unresponsive iPad screen, but it is a step that your Apple device might need to fix the issue, and it may be one last attempt to see if it works before you take the device for iPad repairs in Sydney. So just take the back up of the content of your iPad in iCloud or iTunes or both, and then reset the device and restore the content back to see if the screen is, after all, working.

If yes, it’s well and good.

If not, we are here at Repair Xperts. Just give us a call on 02 87197880. We will be right here to serve you.