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4 Easiest Hacks to Protect Your Samsung Phone from Overheating

Like any other electronic device, Smartphones too get heated up with regular use. No matter how much you splurge on buying an expensive handset, overheating is likely to happen and Samsung is no exception. There are plenty of reasons to encounter Samsung phone overheating issue.

Unwanted apps running in the background, charging phone for a long time, mishandling of the device and many other factors account for phone overheating issue. But how will you know your phone is overheated?  If you find your Samsung phone is too hot to touch, this could be a potential sign of battery malfunction. In this case, you need to call upon professionals offering Samsung phone repairs in Sydney to check the battery condition or inspect whether there is any manufacturing defect. The technicians will provide you with some effective tips to protect your phone from overheating.

Battery malfunctions can wreck havoc on your device and make it completely useless if not addressed on time. During the humid months, you may likely leave your Samsung phone on a heated car seat under the direct exposure of sunlight. The way you adopt preventive measures to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, similarly, you need to take good care of your device and protect it from sunlight. Phone overheating can cause severe damage to the internal circuitry and may result in:

  • Shortening battery life
  • Breaking or melting of CPU
  • Unimaginably slow device performance.

Here are 4 practical tips to protect your Smartphone from overheating and extend its shelf-life.

  • Remove Unused Apps

When you have multiple apps running in the background, your Smartphone will work harder than usual and consume significant power. High power consumption hampers the performance of your device and results in overheating issue. Instead of leaving unwanted apps running in background and damaging the battery life, it’s better to close them when not in use.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode

While going outside during hot and humid summer months, don’t forget to turn on your phone’s airplane mode. Switching on to airplane mode will disable your Samsung phone’s ability to respond to Wifi, cellular radio and Bluetooth. Professionals offering Samsung phone repairs in Sydney always recommend enabling airplane mode to minimise battery-draining. However, by doing so, you won’t be able to respond to incoming phone calls or access internet. So make sure you don’t have any urgent call to attend before turning on airplane mode.

  • Limit the Brightness of Your Phone

Setting your Samsung screen brightness high can eat up significant battery power and increase the internal temperature of your device. However, if you find difficulty in using your phone with low brightness or turn on screen brightness on a hot and humid day, try installing an anti-glare screen protector by technicians offering Samsung phone screen repairs in Sydney to use your phone smoothly.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth

Activated bluetooth is another potential culprit behind Samsung phone overheating issue. Leaving your bluetooth on throughout the day can consume significant power and compel you to opt for battery replacement or professional phone repairs sometime later. Switch off bluetooth when not in use and also avoid leaving it on for prolonged period. If your device’s bluetooth gets paired as soon as you enter your car, deactivate the auto-pairing option and connect it manually when required.

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