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Essential Steps to Follow Before You Hand Over Your iPad for Repairs

Since the iPad Mini and the iPad Air 3 is a premium device, if you start facing issues, you will need to take it to an expert repairer. If you are in Sydney, you can find many repairers but before you hand it over to the repairer, you will need to follow a few steps so that you do not lose data on the device. 

Now, without delay, let us delve into the steps that you need to follow.

Disabling the ‘Find my Device’ Option

This is a unique feature and if you turn it on in your iPad Mini or iPad Air 3, you can track it if you lose the device or if it gets stolen. So, before taking it to the professional providing iPad repairs service in Sydney, you will need to turn it on. That way, if your iPad Air or iPad Mini gets misplaced, you can easily find it without facing problems. 

However, if you enable it, from the ‘Find my iPad’ setting, it removes the ‘Activation Lock’ feature that prohibits others from using your iPad. So, you should always disable it and enable the ‘Activation Lock’. 

Backing up Your Data to Another Device or On the Cloud

While repairing an iPad, deletion of data is a common thing. So, to make sure that none of your data gets deleted, you will need to transfer the data to another device by using the iTunes app. Accordingly, it’s best if you take a backup of the data to the cloud. For this, you should enable the ‘iCloud Backup’ option from the iCloud setting.

App Disassociation

More than a data retention feature, app disassociation is a security feature and you can do this to avoid privilege escalations in your device.

When you turn on this feature, the apps that were paired with the device will get disassociated. Some of the classic examples of apps that need to be paired are payment apps, banking apps, etc. So, if you disassociate these apps before giving your device to the professionals who iPad Air 3 repairs in Sydney, you can be safer.

Formatting the Device

If your device is in a position where all the above procedures can be followed, then formatting your device is also a good idea before you hand over your device to the repairer. 

This is a very easy-to-follow procedure. To do this, you will need to go to the ‘General’ setting and then go to ‘Reset’ and tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. 

Making Sure That the Repairer is Experienced              

Though this is not directly related to the device, before handing it over to a repairer, you will need to make sure that the repairer or the repairing company is a reputed one. Otherwise, if you hand it to repairers with little or no experience, they can damage your device.

Making Sure That the Repairer Provides a Warranty

Before handing over the device, make sure that the company providing iPad repairs in Sydney provides a warranty for their services. That way, if they have not repaired the device properly or if you still find problems, you can take it to them again for getting it repaired.

So, if you follow these few easy steps, we assure you that not only will you lose your data but also your credentials will be safe.

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