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Professional Microsoft Surface Repairs in Burwood & Chatswood, Sydney

Repair Xperts is one of the most experienced and competent names in Burwood & Chatswood, Sydney, with it comes to repairing various issues of Microsoft Surface – complicated or simple, minor, or major. Thanks to our team of highly competent technicians with years of experience under their belt, we are able to solve every problem that you face with your Microsoft Surface, regardless of the model that you have.

We are cost-effective and would come up with the most feasible solutions, getting to the very root cause of an issue and ensuring that the problem is sorted out once and for all! And most importantly, we would take shortest Turnaround Time, depending upon the gravity or the nature of the issue in hand!

The Issues of Microsoft Surface that we address include:

  • Charging issues
  • Non-responsive or dead touch screen
  • Cracked or damaged screen
  • Too dimly lit touch screen
  • No issue issues
  • Connectivity issue with the Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity issue with the external display
  • Corrupted files on the surface
  • Very slow and sluggish running of the Surface
  • Surface turns on, but the Windows doesn’t
  • Error Message whenever an attempt to update is made
  • New Mail messages do not show up
  • Gmail Calendar, the contacts, and other data do not sync with the Surface
  • Crashing of the Surface whenever apps are opened

The models of Microsoft surface that we deal with:

We deal with every model that is available in the market including the older and the very latest ones:
  • Surface RT Model: 1516
  • Surface Pro 1 Model: 1514
  • Surface (RT2) Model: 1572
  • Surface Pro 2 Model: 1601
  • Surface 3 Model: 1645
  • Surface Pro 6 Model: 1796
  • Surface Pro 3 Model: 1631
  • Surface Pro 5 (2017) Model: 1796
  • Surface Pro 4 Model: 1724
  • Surface Book 1 13.5" Model: 1703/4/5
  • Surface Book 2 13.5" Model: 1832/4/5
  • Surface Book 2 15" Model: GTX 1060
  • Surface GO Model: 1824
  • Surface Laptop 13.5"
Therefore you see,Repair Xperts covers every available model of Microsoft surface and every issue that they may encounter with. Hence, if you are facing problems with your Microsoft Surface, CONTACT US now, regardless of the model you have or the nature of the problem you are facing.
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