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Tools that Professionals Use for Repairing or Replacing iPhone XS OLED Screens

One of the most common dilemmas that plague people while replacing screens of their iPhones, is whether to get the gadget to a professional, or indulge in a DIY method. This happens probably out of the notion that screen replacement of an iPhone is not a very intricate issue and with proper tools and little expertise, this can be done at home. This is where the blunder is committed.

Mere possession of appropriate tools will not be enough. No matter how elementary the work may appear to be, without the proper knowledge of how to use these tools and without enough experience and expertise, it is practically impossible to replace an iPhone screen. That is why it is important to take your iPhone XS to a professional like us for its OLED screen repair or replacement. Let us discuss the tools that our professionals at Repair Xperts would use while carrying out iPhone XS OLED screen repairs or replacement in Sydney and their respective usage.

P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver

This is a specialised screwdriver, which is designed and developed to open any iPhone device, including the iPhone XS. The driver is designed to be compatible with the security screws at the bottom of every iPhone model, starting from the iPhone 4. The screwdriver comes with a knurled grip along with an ergonomic, rubber handle with a revolving top.

Opening Picks

Structurally, these opening picks look exactly similar to the picks a guitarist would use while playing guitar. These picks are needed to pry and open the iPhones and separate the two faces of the device, which may be an integral step included in the repair and replacement of the iPhone XS OLED screen.


This is another MUST-USE tool when it comes to repairing and replacing the iPhone XS OLED screen. This particular tool is designed to apply direct heat to detach components that are joined together with adhesive. Once the heat softens up the adhesive, it becomes easier to slice open the adhesive, using other tools.

Suction Handle

This is a light-duty suction cup that can be used to remove the glass panels of an iPhone and comes with a 45-mm diameter.

Carbon Fibre Spudger

A carbon fibre spudger is much stronger than the conventional spudger and is designed to pick up any delicate part with lesser effort while changing the screen. This tool particularly comes in handy during iPhone XS repairs in Burwood or elsewhere, when the screen has cracked and tiny bits and pieces of glass have somehow got embedded with the circuitry beneath.


This is another invaluable tool, which can be used for the same purpose as the earlier one, i.e. picking up or handling minute particles and components during screen replacement. With nylon tips, these are high-quality tools, indispensable to a professional iPhone repair expert anywhere in the world.

Thus you see, whenever you get your iPhone XS to us at Repair Xperts for repair or replacement of its OLED screen, our experts will carry out some impeccable repair or replacement with the proper use of these tools. For further details, call us on 02 87197880 during our duty hours.