Samsung Phone Screen

Questions You Need To Ask Before You Hand Over Your Phone for Repair

Does your Samsung phone need repair? Be cautious you take the gadget to a reliable service provider, which is not only reputed and experienced but is authorised as well, to deal with Samsung phones. You will come across a number of companies around you to put trust in! However, you just cannot pick up any one of them randomly. You need to be sure about its competency, before you eye on one. For that, you need to ask a few questions.

Does it offer a warranty? 

This is one good question you must ask the company you are eyeing at. Ask it categorically, if it is ready to roll out a warranty for the service it offers, more so if it has replaced faulty spare parts. Every quality mobile repair service provider will provide a warranty on the spare parts. For instance, if it is even for the screen replacement of a Samsung phone in Sydney, the new screen should come with a warranty. We at Repair Xperts would offer 6 months warranty on our service.

What types of parts are to be used as a replacement, if needed? 

This is another extremely important question to ask the service provider. You need to ask, whether there is any specific limitation of spare parts that are to be replaced, if and when needed, or should the company replace any spare part that it might find defective. Again, you must ensure that the faulty parts are replaced only and only by their branded and genuine counterparts so that you do not have to compromise with the functionality of your phone.

What happens if more intricate problems are spotted or if the phone is further damaged? 

This is yet another MUST ASK question. Remember mobile phones are extremely complicated and intricate devices and can develop a vast array of problems. Thus, it may be that after you drop off the phone at the repair shop, new issues may crop up, or the phone can get further damaged. Thus, you need to ask what will be the stance of the company in these situations.

To speak about us, we always take a transparent approach and explain to our clients what precisely has gone wrong with the phone and the time it will take.

In regards to the other part of the question, we pride ourselves on stating that with 10 years of experience to our credit, there is hardly any issue that we cannot solve and you can be assured of your gadget being taken care of and resolved by the best in the industry. And we follow a no-fix-no-pay policy.

What makes you cheaper?

Once you ask this question, the answer will reveal whether you are putting stakes on a genuine company, for your Samsung phone repair in Sydney or it is a scam that you are falling prey to! No genuine company will charge you a too low amount. The fees will truly reflect the gravity of the issue and the TAT will vary accordingly, though it will always be on the shorter side.

That’s what we at Repair Xperts do! Hence, for further details, call us at 02 87197880 during our office hours.